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My name is Scott Tarone I put this website together to present my career together with my studies and writing. Professionally I have worked in the software industry for 20 years where I have managed the delivery of many projects and products and even started a venture or two. What free time I have when the family is asleep, though, is spent reading deep into the bio sciences with a particular focus on Immunology and Targeted Cancer Therapies. Though I do take time out to read books on U.S. History, finance, even some political tomes, the vast majority of my reading is in the texts and research papers on the science of life.

Published in Elsevier's Drug Discovery Today

After watching Dr. Carl June's presenation on his work with Chimeric Antigen Receptors I began to think about how to get around the problem of trying to find a marker on the cell surface for malignant cells. After little success I decided to try to find a way to bring a protein inside a cell that would be capable of killing the cell if it found a "malignancy marker". After months of reading some encouragement I wrote

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  • My Profession...   the About Me section of this site you will find information on my career including its history, my project management method, and my views on the inception and delivery of software solutions (as well as a way to contact me).

  • My Personal Study...   in the Science and History sections, I have links to my essays on topics ranging from contrasts of early U.S. History to modern day events, Immunology, and even a manuscript I wrote presenting my investigations into a targeted cancer therapy.