Science History About Me

My Study in the Bio Sciences

My facination with the bio sciences started a few years back when I picked up a Cognitive Neuroscience text book and decided to learn all I could so I could improve the human\computer interfaces I was building at the time. However, what began as an augmentation became a full fledged passion as I passed from one text to another.

As I began reading research papers I realized I would have to expand my study and soon I had a small library of texts convering Genetics, Developmental Biology, and General Anatomy. After a hiatus to study the financial meltdown, global finance, and U.S. History, I returned to the bio sciences with Immunology and Oncology.


The study of the immune systems of all living organisms, Immunology covers a broad range of topics. From the recognition and neutralization of pathogens to recognition and rejection of non-self tissues such as those in organ transplants, the immune systems are a beautiful expression of the complex chemical interactions that make up life.


Defined as the study of masses, Oncology draws upon many disciplines to uncover the intricate origins and workings of cancer. Historically treatments have centered around excision and then chemotherapy, today's research is delivering cancer killing agents directly to malignant cells while sparing the healthy tissues that have long been sacrificed in the patient's larger interests.