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When it comes to choosing a development partner I feel the most relevant differentiators are the people and the philosophies embraced by each company. While my processes, which are presented here as well, were developed to facilitate communication and promote accountability thus rendering delivery more efficient, it is my focus on the people involved in those processes that leads to the successful production of useable solutions.

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my first step is always getting to know you, your people, your business and determining how best I can serve as your development partner. If you are ready to expend capital, there must be a problem that needs addressing. Who is having the problem and what is their job? How are they currently doing their job? What is the ideal solution?

By combining the answers to questions such as these with a thorough understanding of the environment into which the solution will be deployed I can begin the process that is the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Fittingly, the most important step in that process is the first major step; the gathering, formalization, and validation of the system requirements. Combining the results of my Day in the Life requirements gathering concept with my intimate and expansive knowledge of across the technological spectrum, I deliver not just software solutions, but problem resolutions.